Here’s a Thorough Tour of the New 2021 Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco is the hottest new car -- and today, I'm giving you a thorough tour of the new Ford Bronco. Here's my review of the new Bronco's quirks and features, and I'll show you the new 2021 Bronco inside and out.
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  1. Will Gator

    Will Gator8 דקות לפני

    Perfect for easy modification to withstand an apocalypse.. classy on the inside, rigid on the outside. Like!

  2. Tanner Fulton

    Tanner Fulton9 שעות לפני

    I hate that the manual is only available with the smaller motor and with no squatch package.. I guess I'll have to swap it and make my own squatch package 🤷

  3. Ant Ven

    Ant Ven18 שעות לפני

    Lol holy shit this is UGLY

  4. Philippe Sauvie

    Philippe Sauvieיום לפני

    Is that OJ Simpson in the backseat?

  5. Quentin Hall

    Quentin Hallיום לפני

    Is there an OJ package where there's police in your rear view mirror?

  6. Thrill Seeker

    Thrill Seekerיום לפני

    Was excited when this was first announced and couldn't wait, but Ford really missed the mark on this one. 35 inch tires and beastly looking, but then the let down of best power plant of 2.7 twin turbo :( .... What the hell Ford. At the very least, the Ford 3.5 twin turbo should be an option, but personally, I feel that should be the standard power plant for it's intended purpose.

  7. dave likesbacon

    dave likesbaconיום לפני

    No manual option for the V6 is an epic fail. Jeep has a manual option for the V6.

  8. Kipper Lane

    Kipper Laneיום לפני

    I saw one and it’s small more like bronco 2

  9. Vizionz Multimedia

    Vizionz Multimediaיום לפני

    Damn... Lost me on the 4 to 6 cyl. engine.

  10. RuTube

    RuTube2 ימים לפני

    How do you offer a manual on the worst engine option?

  11. Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic

    Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic2 ימים לפני

    I. WANT. ONE. EDIT: Lasso's make sense to me because Bronco > Cowboys > Lasso, I like it!

  12. Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell2 ימים לפני

    A lot of " I can't wait to see .." Does a real version of this vehicle even exist?

  13. rcpmac

    rcpmac2 ימים לפני

    Doug, you suck man

  14. Archie Cunningham

    Archie Cunningham3 ימים לפני

    Chevy could have done a blazer but they blew it.

  15. window creek

    window creek3 ימים לפני

    I initially didn't like it, but now I've fallen in love with it...badass

  16. Jean Werner

    Jean Werner3 ימים לפני

    That’s not why there are lassos. On the original bronco it came with mudflaps with giant lassos. I know someone who has one.

  17. Alex Tran

    Alex Tran3 ימים לפני

    That thing is sick

  18. m k

    m k3 ימים לפני

    This is the handsome and macho car I ever seen...

  19. Miguel Esguerra

    Miguel Esguerra3 ימים לפני


  20. chicken

    chicken3 ימים לפני

    I can’t a Ford this..

  21. David Alvarez

    David Alvarez3 ימים לפני

    It would have been awesome if they gave you this body style to chose from but they don't, the only style you have to chose from is four door, four door deluxe and four door we are ripping you off

  22. Xx Retardant xX

    Xx Retardant xX4 ימים לפני

    got rated as a turd already.

  23. Ty J

    Ty J4 ימים לפני

    Wow they look amazing I’m getting one in a couple years for damn sure

  24. I won’t respond don’t bother

    I won’t respond don’t bother4 ימים לפני

    This looks like the first car i drawn into school

  25. Wyatt

    Wyatt4 ימים לפני

    Only Doug could make a 31 minute video about a car with no engine or features

  26. Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

    Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]4 ימים לפני

    Couple of things I wanted to add; theories, really. The Area 51 color might be a reference to "the grays" one of the two most popularized types of aliens. Also, the "Sasquatch" package, which offers big tyres, might also be a reference to the monster truck "Bigfoot", which is made (or at least sponsored by, not sure) Ford, so it's like a _smaller_ monster truck in a way.

  27. Mr Critic

    Mr Critic4 ימים לפני

    1:46 HELL NO

  28. giantsfan6666

    giantsfan66665 ימים לפני

    S/o Portland Sea Dogs

  29. Kenji Fox

    Kenji Fox5 ימים לפני

    30:26 ....just push it downhill, test drive it, and give it a Doug Score!!

  30. Kenji Fox

    Kenji Fox5 ימים לפני

    25:42 Hummers also had those...

  31. John Turner

    John Turner5 ימים לפני


  32. 2Jzlover787

    2Jzlover7875 ימים לפני

    I love your videos but you talk to much man boring me to death here I would rather see you review it while driving it

  33. Southern Studios

    Southern Studios5 ימים לפני

    I love how they can be bought with Methods one of my favorite rims

  34. lillith bena

    lillith bena5 ימים לפני

    dude, so many interruptions i can't through it

  35. morningstaR x

    morningstaR x6 ימים לפני

    I used to always toss my wrangler doors in the back after it warmed up. They had the window frames and were unwieldy but they definitely both fit diagonally. Just sayin

  36. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.6 ימים לפני

    22:28 the lasso is on the theme of a Bronco Horse because you can lasso it... how did you miss that Dough? lol

  37. Catina R.S. Williams

    Catina R.S. Williams6 ימים לפני

    24:19 train top screen

  38. Toby Baker

    Toby Baker6 ימים לפני

    Needs more power.

  39. leewardstyle

    leewardstyle6 ימים לפני

    6 ads later... What is going on with ILmines these days? Great video btw!

  40. USFAlumni

    USFAlumni7 ימים לפני

    Rebranded "On a budget Hummer"?

  41. eyore lucy

    eyore lucy7 ימים לפני

    Another piece of junk to be found dead some where in the back country. Then a nice beat up 1941 jeep will come by and haul it all the while asking will ford ever learn? all this thing is bloat ware like Microsoft, will never stand the test of jeep time

  42. Emani R.

    Emani R.7 ימים לפני

    Which model is this ??

  43. v t

    v t7 ימים לפני

    I'd like it in another color with regular tires and the manual transmission.

  44. YouGotCalledOutSoYoureMadLol

    YouGotCalledOutSoYoureMadLol7 ימים לפני

    lets hope the bronco doesnt have that oh so endearing ford "quality"

  45. Jake Slay

    Jake Slay7 ימים לפני

    Its so ugly though

  46. 738polarbear

    738polarbear8 ימים לפני

    Why would anyone take this offroad when it VOIDS the warranty . Check THAT out people . Don't get MUD under your Bronco.

  47. Zeus Efstathiou

    Zeus Efstathiou8 ימים לפני

    Gimme the Bronco Sport in olive drab green and we're good to go !!

  48. Bruce Hahn

    Bruce Hahn8 ימים לפני

    Looks like my old Scout

  49. Emry Thompson

    Emry Thompson8 ימים לפני

    I passed one of these today, it looks like it is made by Lordstown motors

  50. Dan S

    Dan S8 ימים לפני

    When the Jeep Wrangler and Range Rover Defender have a baby: FORD BRONCO.

  51. hugeCRSfan69

    hugeCRSfan698 ימים לפני

    strange that they wont offer it with a V8......guaranteed the fuel economy of this vehicle with a 4 cylinder will be the same as it would be with the 5.0 liter V8. why are people being fed this lie that turbo 4 cylinders offer better fuel economy when they dont?

  52. XavierEdghill

    XavierEdghill9 ימים לפני

    I just love how douge reviews cars I watch him everyday

  53. Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson9 ימים לפני

    new bronco right new landrover defender


    GEMEDINA9 ימים לפני

    You are right, what is the point of a review with out driving the car.

  55. Radosav

    Radosav9 ימים לפני

    Looks like Lada Niva

  56. Jake R

    Jake R9 ימים לפני

    Starting at $42,000? Hard pass Lmfaooooo

  57. Jake R

    Jake R4 ימים לפני

    @TorqueRules1 For the baby bronco

  58. TorqueRules1

    TorqueRules14 ימים לפני

    Starting price is $28,500 on Ford website.

  59. Rss 5

    Rss 59 ימים לפני

    2021 Hemi Rubicon 470HP.

  60. Bn Dwd

    Bn Dwd9 ימים לפני

    I swear I hate this guy 🤧😂

  61. Johnny Olivero

    Johnny Olivero10 ימים לפני

    Nice, it even comes with MLOK.

  62. Jim Rr

    Jim Rr10 ימים לפני

    These are going to sell like crazy

  63. Jason Day

    Jason Day10 ימים לפני

    It would be better if it was a Jeep.

  64. Jeremy Schilling

    Jeremy Schilling10 ימים לפני

    I want a 4 door

  65. Gordon Deitz

    Gordon Deitz10 ימים לפני

    Build a 4 door and I will get one

  66. Joe Gustafson Jr.

    Joe Gustafson Jr.10 ימים לפני

    Lol wtf seven speed manual? That's weird

  67. Rod

    Rod10 ימים לפני

    That is a very cool looking Bronco and I certainly DON'T see THAT one for sell, not even as an option, on Ford's Build and Price site. Where's THAT Bronco? That's the look I want in my Bronco!

  68. Tap LA Will Will picture 4 more songs

    Tap LA Will Will picture 4 more songs10 ימים לפני

    I jest drop a 🔥 as album don't miss out go play that shit right now on your smart phone you gon love it LA Will Will - These hoes sticky 🧏‍♀️🛍💵

  69. Harry Mecouch

    Harry Mecouch10 ימים לפני

    They bring back an iconic truck,and that what it looks like a bronco 2 mixed in with a range rover. Who ever designed that and who ever apoved that should be fired

  70. David Klimmek

    David Klimmek10 ימים לפני

    Love it. Have my order in for full size Bronco Badlands version! We cant wait. Great job Ford Motor!

  71. Chillin With Jay

    Chillin With Jay10 ימים לפני a group for Ford Broncos only

  72. Dangerously Human

    Dangerously Human10 ימים לפני

    My 91 Jimmy says this thing is an abortion.


    DENNIS HOPKINS11 ימים לפני

    It needs to be electric😭😭😭😭😭

  74. JD Russell

    JD Russell11 ימים לפני

    Why does it look like a giant toy car that my son would play with?

  75. Matt Woody

    Matt Woody11 ימים לפני

    Hi you should have said you weren't going to drive it

  76. Jeremy Frantz

    Jeremy Frantz11 ימים לפני

    Portland Seadogs shirt! You been to Maine??

  77. Brandon Walters

    Brandon Walters11 ימים לפני

    8:55 if you like having the mirrors off because you don’t have to check your blind spot when your off roading then your, well, 🤦‍♂️ it’s called a blind spot because you can’t see it in the mirror. 😂

  78. Brandon Walters

    Brandon Walters11 ימים לפני

    I’m not a big Ford guy but I love the old Broncos and this is a nice throwback.


    RAM GONZALEZ11 ימים לפני

    I would put shelby f150 supercharged Engine swap in the bronco. Will be the first thing ill do to it.

  80. Walmer Martinez

    Walmer Martinez11 ימים לפני

    Sorry ... there's only one ......Jeep Wrangler...!

  81. Thomas Ritter

    Thomas Ritter11 ימים לפני

    The most endearing quality of the video: Doug is wearing a Portland Sea Dogs t-shirt. GO EASTERN LEAGUE (Reading Phillies/Fightins' fan here!)

  82. michael mooney

    michael mooney11 ימים לפני

    no thanks, not at any price. never buy ford.

  83. Cdubp01

    Cdubp0112 ימים לפני

    This is what the Blazer shoulda been. I’m a Chevy guy through and through, but this has me eyeing the old oval.

  84. mike allen

    mike allen3 ימים לפני

    i feel like ford did a good job trying to go back to the body style of the old broncos which were sick. im still not sure if i like the bronco enough to buy one over the 4runner trd in a few months but this is way better then the blazer. when i saw the blazer first come out i though it was a joke

  85. Cdubp01

    Cdubp014 ימים לפני

    @carhart001 Agreed! I mean shit, all their “SUVs” are practically the same damn thing, just a little bigger or smaller. And they’re more minivan than suv. An old K5 would be sweet! They’re gettin harder an harder to find at a decent price now a days

  86. carhart001

    carhart0014 ימים לפני

    I hear ya brother. That 'Blazer' is an embarrassing display. Why couldn't they modernize the old K5 or the 90s 2 door Tahoe? Those were great vehicles and highly desirable today. I've got my eye on an all original one I would love to restore.

  87. Cdubp01

    Cdubp0112 ימים לפני

    Wait-so the manual has a “granny” gear, but it’s not an option with the Sasquatch “off road” package?? Well that don’t make no sense

  88. Gamer Family

    Gamer Family12 ימים לפני

    doesn't get any whiter than this guy. his head shakes smugly every single time he says something.

  89. noahbarger01

    noahbarger0112 ימים לפני

    I wish IH navistar or whatever would remake the scout

  90. MSHD

    MSHD12 ימים לפני

    Does anyone know the specks on the wheels setup in this bronco?

  91. M J

    M J12 ימים לפני

    Why do manufacturers always do this: They offer two transmissions types and two engine types but choose how you get to mate them. You buy the vehicle you should get to choose.

  92. iPeter

    iPeter9 ימים לפני

    Hmm love my jeep Rubicon but......I have never owned a Ford but.....u got my attention

  93. Truck68

    Truck689 ימים לפני

    Maybe if the consumer is too happy with one car, they'll keep it a much longer time, and won't buy another. Then the company won't sell as many cars.

  94. Charge Nurse

    Charge Nurse12 ימים לפני

    OJ Simpson has entered the comments

  95. Anthony

    Anthony12 ימים לפני

    I want it.

  96. PlasticPellets

    PlasticPellets12 ימים לפני

    Martin Mena & his Prowess

  97. Puzzle Dust

    Puzzle Dust12 ימים לפני

    He forgot to mention the Black diamond version has a marine grade vinyl interior. That’s why it has drain plugs.

  98. Hank the Ninja

    Hank the Ninja13 ימים לפני

    When is the Dodge Ramcharger coming back? Now that the Ford Bronco has made it’s return.

  99. Only God Knows Why

    Only God Knows Why13 ימים לפני

    Is it just me or does this look like a ford flex and ford escape 😆

  100. John White

    John White13 ימים לפני

    Luv the look. But im a v8 kinda guy.

  101. Kira Miller

    Kira Miller13 ימים לפני

    do the back seats fold down?

  102. Kira Miller

    Kira Miller13 ימים לפני


  103. Dan

    Dan14 ימים לפני

    Really nice looking truck

  104. Wise Owl

    Wise Owl14 ימים לפני

    Looks like a Jeep that worked out at a gym for a couple of years.

  105. Big_Dad

    Big_Dad14 ימים לפני

    Never gonna use the crawler gear? I don’t know. You ever see a Massachusetts highway near the holidays?

  106. Edreih Aldana

    Edreih Aldana15 ימים לפני

    Really diggin it

  107. Dawson Thomson

    Dawson Thomson15 ימים לפני

    This guy looks like and reminds me of jay leno