This Honda S2000 Is a "Fast and the Furious" Movie Icon

This Honda S2000 was used in "2 Fast 2 Furious" -- the actual car used in filming. Today I'm going to review this S2000 movie car, and show you what a car from "The Fast & The Furious" is like. I'm also going to drive it on the street show you what it's like to drive a movie car.
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  1. Doug DeMuro

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    I recently made a video about how I don't review modified cars. AND NOW THIS?! People are up in arms below. But at 10:20, I specifically mention I would happily review movie cars. See here: Enjoy the S2000 ;)

  2. Micah Bisagni

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    Just came across this. In the business there are a few truisms: Don't eat the props, never show up on time and NEVER, EVER get in a "Picture Car". Many of those cars are scraps from the yard with a nice paint job and a working motor. There might be brakes but there's never a guarantee there will be break fluid. The Peterson is fantastic and probably the only place I would even go near a picture car.


    PSYCHOחודש לפני

    Please review the black car from THE WRAITH.

  4. Kawasaki FAST

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    Movie cars are good to review ;)

  5. BLACKEYE333

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    People just hatin ignore em doug lmao

  6. Jeeves Rothschild

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    How about tavarish's lambo

  7. benyahun

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    Engine bay with huge t u r b o Sticker: *supercharged*

  8. Andrew Christianson

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    You need a girl to review this one. As a guy you probably wouldn't feel quite right driving it around town or give it a good styling score LOL!.. hopefully you judge from the female angle will see..

  9. robert webster

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    i watched 2 fast to furious in the cinema in Marble arch , london, in the summer when it 1st came out, i wish for them to make a film in london, be careful watch u wish for, as they did a street race in one of the future fast and furious movies they drove near the cinema i wished it in, regent street, to piccadilly circus, WoW!!!

  10. PharaoahMonk

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    The DougScore part cracked me up! 😂😂😂😂 this is how you become epic.

  11. Ayo Fabricio

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    my movieeeee... #forpaul

  12. Jack Box

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    dude you should be more careful with cars like this, it isnt joe blows jeep wrangler off turo.

  13. John Cleland

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    If any Honda in the Fast and Furious film series is iconic I'd say the eg series... especially the Coupe. The S2000 unfortunately appears in arguably the worst film in the series. For shame.

  14. Justus Claghorn

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    why do u talk like that

  15. CrazyMetal

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    it woild be nice to turn on the neon lights, that should makes you look even cooler xD

  16. VIRTUE and VICE

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    Damn Doug...did ya have to ruin my entire dream...sheeesh 🙄

  17. WingmanAlpha

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    Styling deserves more points. The car was made pink for a female, so it's quite cool for the purpose.

  18. eaglezleon

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    It still looks great.

  19. Henny

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  20. Βαγγέλης Χατζηφωτίου

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    It sounds amazing..

  21. AzuReD

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    0:49 that's the meme Ferrari Enzo/Pontiac fiero

  22. AutoJunkie's Garage

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    is it just me or Does anybody notice the animation of "The Doug Score"?

  23. The_Hippykiller

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    Watching this I can't stop seeing Xzibit in my head for some reason...

  24. Random Gaming

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    Hey doug, the exhaust was removed due to a aftermarket flame kit to give it the pink glow, how bout reviewing brians skyline?

  25. drby0788

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    Now do Doms Charger! Lol

  26. Samuel Sirard-Robert

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    Bafff maffff

  27. Samuel Sirard-Robert

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    Thhhhhhhissssssss, 2Faaastt 2 Furrrioussss

  28. motaz1975

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    you say sloppy about the leds but i saw kids doing just that all the time back then.

  29. mjolnir, but pronounced Jonathan

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    hi hello i no this is so cool

  30. Fifthcell

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    I would love to buy this thing, and fix all the sloppiness.

  31. Peter

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    and the point of this video is ??????

  32. MiG Ren E'

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    lmao silly car to start with

  33. Im With Name

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    Doug, where is KITT?

  34. Xerxes The Falcon

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    I am pretty sure the engine modifications, like the supercharger, already came with the car when they bought it.

  35. Ismael Cortes Jr

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    Supercharger? Or turbocharged?

  36. josefbuckland

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    Embarrassed or the guilty pleasure of being Cool ?

  37. YoungBlaze

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    basically , this car is a THOT

  38. Nathaniel Rivera

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    I thought Doug was gonna rip off the rear view mirror

  39. Flávio Silva

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    Ok, now I'm waiting for Skyline.

  40. KC Michelson

    KC Michelson15 ימים לפני

    The fact that Doug respects the 2nd movie is fitting. It was a movie for "tuners". 2 Fast 2 Furious is not a "good" movie. But a good outing for motor heads.

  41. psj gaming

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    why did doug have to abuse and humiliate this iconic legend car :(

  42. Roger Toaster

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    ThaThhhThhisss... enunciation.. has lead to carsandbids and my ensuing wealth


    CIVICIOUS16 ימים לפני

    No air bags, no belt. That’s My kinda girl

  44. Pollo Frito

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    I'm trying to think about how much money it would take for me to agree to be caught driving this car in front of people, even if I don't know them.

  45. Ryan Drake

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    Dang I really wish it was at least running well with all the parts that are on it... I would like to see what it could do with that super charger. I bet it could be really quick. Despite how dumb it is hahaha. I was expecting it to run well even tho it looks like crap. Lol but thanks for showing us Doug!!!

  46. Muhammad Muneeb

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    "A Gem of The Franchise" dead

  47. Dan

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    Honda not revving above 4k is limp mode

  48. Craig Meier

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    Doug, I can answer a few of your questions. Though I was only a background actor in the first fast and furious, and also a stand-in for Vin Diesel, I have about 25 years experience in the industry, so I can tell you some of the secrets, to the best of my knowledge, of how the industry worked these quirks. I actually have a picture of me next to this car on the universal lot...the back lot where the public is not allowed, so it was another one of the production cars, just as sloppily put together as this one. 1) I bet you the fabric on the panel that hides the stereo was either added for the lighting department, so they can stick a Velcro light on there when needed and take it off without a severe modification when not needed, which is also pretty handy if the unit was flipped open it wouldn’t upset the sound department if that lid was clicking on whatever it was resting upon while driving it for interior shots. 2) TVs were just starting to be integrated into vehicles at this time, so even a sloppy installation was a cool installation. People put these things in the center of steering wheels, in their visors, anywhere with often a miss shaped frame around it. But that was OK. This was 2003 as you said. 3) The missing seatbelt was again most likely due to the sound department. If you were driving this car with cameras mounted to it, or even this thing on a flatbed camera truck, these little things like seatbelts make noise. Through the sound department can tape them up and do this and that, but why not just get rid of it altogether. And that’s what they did in this case. 4) the rear view mirror. I’m only guessing in this, your guess could also be correct, but I would say that one of their shots required a specific angle, they knew it ahead of time so they modified the mirror for this. Just like when you watch a film and they remove the headrest from the front seats so you can see the passengers in the back, or see the cameras point of view from the backseat looking towards the front, it’s a modification so that you can see the actor, or in this case maybe the actors point of view. 5) it’s interesting they didn’t redo the shag carpets on the seats for the museum. Kudos to them keeping it original from how the production used it and how it sustained life over the years.The seats were clearly pink in the movie. In fact I can send you pictures of the car that I took pictures of in 2005 or 2006 that the pink was only half faded away. These cars literally sit uncovered at the universal lot, exposed to sun, so that is why the seats take on a gray tint, because it is simply the pink sun faded into that color. 6) at least this car has an engine. And you can tell the way the low profile tires in the front touch the fenders, if you didn’t open the hood. In the scenes that I shot on the first fast and furious when the flames were being thrown out of the rear exhaust, the engines were actually removed from these vehicles. All of the vehicles. The Integra the supra… All of them. This was for safety reasons as they actually had pyrotechnic crews run their special effects lines underneath the vehicle so that flames would shoot out the exhaust pipes in those close-ups. Over several takes, the bumpers actually started melting away. But you don’t see this in the movie. They had other cars another bumpers to replace it for the next scene. 7) The missing trunk. Though I’d assume that they had a deal with Honda that gave them a bunch of these cars, but they might’ve also had cars that were missing trunk features so if they didn’t need it, why add it. For example I worked on gone in 60 seconds and the BMW 5 series that they trashed were actually already trashed as BMW test cars that were not even street legal, beyond salvage, vehicles. They simply use their resources they have to get any vehicle they can get, and they may be missing a few parts.

  49. Craig Meier

    Craig Meierיום לפני

    @Imagineth I was giving an example, I said "like," of why they move things around in cars. Though there was no back seats in this car, they place camera's behind the front seats to capture certain angles of the driver or front passenger in two seater cars just like they do with 4 seater cars for "POV" shots, etc. Hope this helps.

  50. NikolaTom

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    @Imagineth I'm pretty sure he mentioned them only as an example, not on this car. Did you read this?

  51. Imagineth

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    What back seats? You sure you know this car, dude?

  52. NikolaTom

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    This is actually a comment worth reading! Thanks man!

  53. Whoever Whoever

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    F&F is no longer about cars anymore. Now, let's do the review on the orange Supra that Paul drove.

  54. Tripp426

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    You're right. It's about FAMILY.

  55. Arthas Menethil

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    Doug is the type of guy who watched Fast And Furious being kid to later in life review Fast and Furious cars.

  56. JonO387

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    Ugly car from a horrible movie. wow...

  57. scobra1cz

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    Actually the rearview mirror is completely missing in the movie :D And it surprised me when I've find out cars in the movie were really modified.

  58. tomer zigdon

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    no one is gonna talk about the fact he said "supercharged" and then points at a massive turbo???

  59. SP

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    You think that's a turbo?

  60. scobra1cz

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    Because it's not massive turbo, it's supercharger:

  61. Dylan Schoenecke

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    The seats look like they could be the same ones from my 2007 eclipse... well before the bath mat

  62. Alex Golembeski

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    2 Doug 2 T-Shirts

  63. Wondaful Weasel

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    They modified like it was a Honda... Oh wait...

  64. Edwoba Nkrumah

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    I thin you should review more movie cars Doug .

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    I am here after Doug give it almost 2 awards lol

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    devon aoki crush as a 12 year old: check

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    Take a shot every time Doug says “bath mat”

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    I couldn't think of a worse person to review a movie car....

  69. Yea *HeilStarly*

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    Does the anime screen work tho

  70. totophi

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    Don't like bath mats as car upholstery? Any bath mat that has graced Devon Aoki's butt is fine by me. That said, I am sorely disappointed by the supercharger that seems to suck power from the engine, rather than adding it. :-(

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    The present sound ostensibly store because zephyr neurally call round a cloudy addition. smiling, flashy patch

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    I LMAO when he was yanking on the rear view mirror like a rabid chimpanzee. 😂😂😂😂

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    Me too! I was like "OMG he's going to break it, WTF is he doing!!!"

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    Hey Doug.... Lighten up!!! get it?

  75. Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

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    Why would he laugh at too fast too furious?

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    I cant believe he just drove that hou wont see me in it

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    I enjoyed that, thank you

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    Reminds me of a George Barris creation.

  79. A. W. Sum

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    The felt on the stereo door used to hold more of the, you tell us, bathroom mat

  80. A. W. Sum

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    Highest compression production motor until the Ferrari Enzo

  81. Sean Flanagan

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    He said "Bath Matt" that many times it stopped sounding like real words!

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    They disabled the vtech because they don't trust you Doug. It's on purpose.

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    Stop saying bath mat.. Uuuuuu assss

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    20:47 homeless camp lol

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    Droga, é o Braia

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    "Droga, é o Braia"

  87. Laurence Silva

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    Man please stop disgracing iconic cars.

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    What the heck on earth?

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    At first I was annoyed that you didn’t like this car, but then I realized it’s her car in the movie not in real life haha

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    Who would want arhat car

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    He talks to much shit like dude the car is iconic and during those times people used what ever to make their car look tight

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    Worst car reviewer ever👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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    this guy clearly has a problem with pink

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    S2000..... overrated car with ricer fanboys

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    we don't really care

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    @boffy is subscribed to you Doug Demuro

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    Doug DeMuro sounds like the History Guy

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    I was pretty sure he was going to rip that mirror right off. If he's not sweating in your car, he's breaking your turn signal or mirror.

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    Back in time, when I was in school, other kids keep telling me, that pink color is childish, laughable and uncool, which I didn´t agree with and this movie proved me right. Later it was Avril Lavigne. I love pink color!

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    playing the drinking game to the phrase "bath matt" was a bad choice...

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    FF fans, please forgive Doug. He doesn't know. :D

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    You need to review the Skyline GT-R hero car... The car is is the Netherlands if I'm not mistaken

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    What’s next Doug? The ken miles gt40

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    Id guess the Exaust Tips where dismounted cause they where "pyro" Excaust tips that could shoot flames out of them, like they did at the start of the Race.

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    Only 5 points difference between that and a stock CR S2000 ?????? ..... no way

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    Back when Fast and Furious was about racing & cars with a story on the side

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    wait what movie was this in??


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    I love your videos Doug, but I think this car deserves a pass for the Doug Score!😂😎


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    Thissss.... Is my comment!

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    you speak like gay xd

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    Fun fact: suki in my language means 'slow'