Here’s Why the Original Acura NSX Is Shooting Up in Value

The original Acura NSX is shooting up in value -- and today I'm reviewing an early NSX to show you why it's getting so desirable. First I'll show you around this 1994 NSX, and I'll show you all of its quirks and features. Then I'll drive the original Honda NSX to show you what makes it such a joy on the road.
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  1. Raptor_BOSS

    Raptor_BOSS15 שעות לפני

    What about the NSX-R?

  2. Zampano691

    Zampano69121 שעה לפני

    One of the best cars ever built

  3. Cary Coller

    Cary Collerיום לפני

    The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

  4. lotus esprit

    lotus espritיום לפני

    I think the Old Nsx will never go to high prices such as Supra, and its better than Supra in Handling and driving experience, for me its the best Japonese car ever built, the second is Supra A80 and after the Gtr in my opinion.


    CarsAddiction.com2 ימים לפני

    In comparison with todays values, do you think the S2k is a better option since they are relatively cheaper and have a lot more to boom in value when compared to teh already inflated prices of the NSX?

  6. Screw Youtube

    Screw Youtube4 ימים לפני

    I think these look better than most time period exotics

  7. Screw Youtube

    Screw Youtube4 ימים לפני

    I absolutely love this car so much

  8. 142 years ago

    142 years ago5 ימים לפני

    Yeahh tzhisss...we all love that....

  9. Nisar Alam

    Nisar Alam5 ימים לפני

    I'm believe the late Ayrton Senna had a hand in the development of the NSX

  10. Christer Albäck

    Christer Albäck5 ימים לפני

    This is one of those cars the production of which should be restarted.

  11. Live Wire

    Live Wire8 ימים לפני

    The best ' spec ' for NSX is : 6 speed manual , targa roof , 3.2 litre motor and pop up headlight .

  12. lotus esprit

    lotus espritיום לפני

    Pop up headlights manual 3.0 or 3.2 L are the best IMO ...the targa as issues in handling, the structural rigidity is horrible and water problems inside because of the targa top

  13. Marios Avagian

    Marios Avagian8 ימים לפני

    nahh the fd is much better and cooler than the nsx you are just biased

  14. Access Lazard’s see

    Access Lazard’s see9 ימים לפני

    Here in Houston we have maybe 5 of these that I’ve seen. Over the years 🤗. I just have to salute Acura for this design. Timeless

  15. Polo Playa

    Polo Playa10 ימים לפני

    Love the NXS but can we get a 240sx review

  16. Jay D

    Jay D10 ימים לפני

    I remember seeing one at dealership for 19 gs 10 years ago. I sure regret not getting it. 😆

  17. shadowboy813

    shadowboy81311 ימים לפני

    270HP. The 3.0L NSX engine made 270hp when mated to a manual. The automatic made 252. The 1997+ 3.2L bumped power to 290hp, and the auto was still limited to 252hp and 3.0L.


    RIDERS GOT TALENT11 ימים לפני

    When trade comes in, trust can't be guaranteed. It looked like an advertisement video!!

  19. MUGEN RR

    MUGEN RR14 ימים לפני

    God damn what a beauty 😍 dream car 👍🏽💯 I will own a NSX one day ❤️🙏🏽💯!!!!!

  20. Allurade

    Allurade14 ימים לפני

    Doug the type of guy to start an auction website to have more cars to review.

  21. philip tooley

    philip tooley16 ימים לפני

    Value went up when we all saw the shitty new nsx. Designed by a female but hey, hiring quotas are great huh?!

  22. jpogi gtxcr1

    jpogi gtxcr116 ימים לפני

    Those pack of S K Y L I N E s though.

  23. Daniel Oliver

    Daniel Oliver17 ימים לפני

    Wow you cant even get a base miata on 15s anymore. My e36 M3 even had 17s. Wild

  24. Swansong 007

    Swansong 00717 ימים לפני

    Totally disagree with your scores. This car is so cool and rare and beautiful its way way higher on points.

  25. Seiko Watch

    Seiko Watch17 ימים לפני

    NSX is great but I’d choose the LFA as the ultimate classic exotic sports car. LFA remains a dream drive for a very long time.

  26. Alex

    Alex19 ימים לפני

    I'm salivating at all those GTRs

  27. Racing Bro

    Racing Bro20 ימים לפני

    How is ground clearance ?

  28. Bill Lo

    Bill Lo20 ימים לפני

    22:31 FedEx overtakes the NSX and still delivers late

  29. Pollo Frito

    Pollo Frito21 יום לפני

    Doug keeps saying 250hp but I could swear it was introduced with 270hp from 3.0L putting it around 90hp/liter which was impressive from normal aspiration at that time.

  30. hugonubario

    hugonubario21 יום לפני

    I'm in love with that car!

  31. John

    John21 יום לפני

    DOUG! It's actually DROPPING in value because it's the PRICE that's shooting up.

  32. loveGGKK

    loveGGKK22 ימים לפני

    Doug, what’s your height? I may be too tall for this car and you seem to be about the maxed out inside in the video.

  33. windmill fabiozart

    windmill fabiozart22 ימים לפני

    honda nsx first gen, when you want to driving exotic looking car that not burn your wallet.

  34. Ryland Whitaker

    Ryland Whitaker23 ימים לפני

    Jesus, i sold my 94' NSX about a two years ago and dread this video now. oh well. I actually miss my 335i that had a DINAN 3 tune to it.

  35. Marshall Hobbs

    Marshall Hobbs23 ימים לפני

    Cold 🥶. Wanted one since '12

  36. Zazoo Kluk

    Zazoo Kluk24 ימים לפני

    In 1995, the NSX introduced the sport shift automatic with gear paddles on the steering column.

  37. Zazoo Kluk

    Zazoo Kluk24 ימים לפני

    The Targa top came out in 1995. Before that all NSX only had a black hard top. No matter what color the body, the top is black.

  38. Zazoo Kluk

    Zazoo Kluk24 ימים לפני

    Japanese Ferrari killer.

  39. Zazoo Kluk

    Zazoo Kluk24 ימים לפני

    Damn Doug, now you added another $15,000 to the price.

  40. Erlantz Atzerriko Kontrebia

    Erlantz Atzerriko Kontrebia25 ימים לפני

    Shoulda kept mine!

  41. Luis Mieses

    Luis Mieses29 ימים לפני

    Niggas telling me to go bid on the car like I’m rich 😂😂😂

  42. Loremonger

    Loremonger29 ימים לפני

    I'll never be able to buy it the more I save the more expensive it'll become 😭😭😭

  43. Thomas Redden

    Thomas Reddenחודש לפני

    So this place is why I can’t find a skyline on this side of the world

  44. Pill of Red

    Pill of Redחודש לפני

    My JDM NSX has the antenna half height button, I thought it was to prevent bending at high speed as mine has a bow in it ?

  45. Vision33r

    Vision33rחודש לפני

    That's kind of funny, I rather have the R33 GTRs in the back. The NSX is a special car but seen it quite a lot but not the R33 GTRs.


    FRVCRSEחודש לפני

    Ama be honest with y’all, first Gen NSX’s are the cleanest.

  47. mohcen Bdj

    mohcen Bdjחודש לפני

    can you dougreview the european cars that can't be found in the US and south american Fiat and Vw models that you can find in mexico or brazil ? It would be awesome !

  48. unsocial jt

    unsocial jtחודש לפני

    Yes, i watched the whole....Why? you may ask, well i want an gen 1 NSX with a VeilSide BodyKit

  49. Jason S

    Jason Sחודש לפני

    The Acura legend was very similar inside

  50. André Manzolli

    André Manzolliחודש לפני

    This car had Senna's touch. This is why it was and it is so special.

  51. George Patton

    George Pattonחודש לפני

    19:37 19:48 20:23 20:58 21:58 Doug getting tailed by a black Chrysler 300

  52. Daisy Cutter

    Daisy Cutterחודש לפני

    likely smaller drink holders due to smaller drinks in japan.

  53. SlezeyST 132

    SlezeyST 132חודש לפני

    Who else is looking at the garage full of JDM'S

  54. Rubner Lanna

    Rubner Lannaחודש לפני

    Fazer o review detalhado de um NSX e não citar a contribuição do Ayrton Senna nos ajustes finais do carro é no minimo ser leigo.

  55. Gabriel Henrique

    Gabriel Henrique29 ימים לפני


  56. snaplash

    snaplashחודש לפני

    When these first came out, they were supposed to sell in the 30K range, and I really wanted to buy one. Unfortunately, the dealers added extreme mark-ups so there was no way I could afford one. That put me off the Acura brand forever.



    doug temuro= look at this spare tire, look at this key, look at this engine, look at this door handle. Boring! me, look at those titanium piston rods, look at that tachometer that revs at 8000 rpms. look at that double wishbone suspension. Look at that vtec system that gives an extra boost of power when you reach 5000 rpms.

  58. Victor Gamboa

    Victor Gamboaחודש לפני

    300zx twin turbo it's the next

  59. Yaggnarab Donat

    Yaggnarab Donatחודש לפני

    Just bought this on CarsAndBids amazing car! Thanks CarsAndBids!

  60. johnny boy

    johnny boyחודש לפני

    The car that made Ferrari get there act together

  61. Jonassnake

    Jonassnakeחודש לפני

    The 90s Honda thing is really something, my first car is a Honda del Sol 1.6 esi. It is of course not comparable to a NSX but it is still the most exciting car I have driven. I have not driven that many cars yet but all of them except the Honda just felt unresponsive and boring, the transmission feels soft and just not enjoyable the same with the body roll. The Honda on the other hand does not have these problemes with its snappy shifting and very low and kind of hard suspension. It is also reliable and the little V-tec at the end of the rpms make it sound nice and gives it a little sporty feel. The targa top you can put in the surprisingly big trunk and the rearwindow you can lower are also a nice touch. I never saw Honda as a car brand I really like but since that 26 year old car of mine showed me how enjoyable driving can be I see that 90s Hondas really have something to them.

  62. Jonassnake

    Jonassnakeחודש לפני

    And yes that is all just a big love letter to my car even though it is not that good compared to todays standarts.

  63. PlayhouseRage

    PlayhouseRageחודש לפני

    With Doug Score it shoot shoot to "only the rich can afford it" status

  64. Keith Reilly

    Keith Reillyחודש לפני


  65. LucidFlame X

    LucidFlame Xחודש לפני

    Legends remember how this car could punch above its weight and hang with stronger cars in the og Gran Turismos.

  66. John Babcock

    John Babcockחודש לפני

    Doug contradicts himself... i have never driving an early Nsx... all the early Nsx I have driving their steering isn’t as tight as this one.... WAAAAAA.

  67. surry99

    surry99חודש לפני

    Please someone tell me how this guy has 3.83M subscribers?

  68. Frequency_E34

    Frequency_E34חודש לפני

    Doug speaks,and all i hear is "those skylines in the background" "all the skylines"

  69. Brian Morales

    Brian Moralesחודש לפני

    This NSX is just a ordinary street car like any other car on the dealership lot.

  70. Noah Morphew

    Noah Morphewחודש לפני

    Doug the type of guy to call instant ramen "oriental"

  71. oldschoolman 144

    oldschoolman 144חודש לפני

    Great car but the steering wheel is on the wrong side. =)

  72. Bubba Lee C

    Bubba Lee Cחודש לפני

    That temporary spare tire looks better than my tires.

  73. Guero Gaming

    Guero Gamingחודש לפני

    I love me a clean c8

  74. Waqar Ghulam

    Waqar Ghulamחודש לפני

    At high speeds the fully extended antenna would bend, and eventually not close fully. The half extended antenna would protect the antenna and still give radio reception.

  75. Cory Castaneda

    Cory Castanedaחודש לפני

    6:34 I don’t think Honda was trying to warn someone who’s breaking into the car that there’s a security system, that’s why there’s not one on the passengers side. The lights only there to tell the driver. Thats why they just put it on the outside cause you’d never notice what it said if it was on the inside because you lock your car when you are outside of it.

  76. Cory Castaneda

    Cory Castanedaחודש לפני

    I have an 04 Acura TL and it has the same light on the lock

  77. Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dreamsחודש לפני

    That pearlescent white looks soo good on anything. Glad my 92 acura legend gs has the same color. But damn I gotta get it running again I been neglecting her.. moneys been tight.

  78. Civil Defense Group

    Civil Defense Groupחודש לפני

    If you want to review a rare quirky car i have a 3000gt with an extremely rare color combination. Its Martinique yellow pearl with lemans red carpeting and tan leather seats. Its 1 of 28 ever made. And to be specific its #6 of the 28. And I drive it daily. People thought it was an aftermarket kit but nope its in in vin number. Got videos of it on my channel lol

  79. Finster 25

    Finster 25חודש לפני

    I hate Acura we don’t have it in the UK but I think it’s weird that you have Honda and Acura when the cars are the same just with a different badge and name

  80. Bee Ly

    Bee Lyחודש לפני

    These NSX are so slow. Sorry, too much to upgrade just to catch an 370Z. It will cost u so much for the upgrade. Really outdated inside.

  81. James Osu!

    James Osu!חודש לפני

    i wonder why? its almost as if its a 90's car.....

  82. ibrahim butt

    ibrahim buttחודש לפני

    Its only 126 in the world and only 1 in pakistan

  83. redeyedbandit

    redeyedbanditחודש לפני

    If it is a Japanese car, built for the Japanese market, why are the buttons in English?

  84. Aguirre SHANNON

    Aguirre SHANNONחודש לפני

    The flat truck historically man because watchmaker similarly suck sans a icy africa. sloppy, puny popcorn

  85. Jared Connell

    Jared Connellחודש לפני

    If anybody is interested this nsx was bid up to $68,000 but it did not meet reserve so it didn't sell

  86. MrKudipanhama

    MrKudipanhamaחודש לפני

    The greatest car ever

  87. Suáve -

    Suáve -חודש לפני

    Ohhh yes this is so fucking hot, it’s so hot it’s making me say stupid stuff ohhb yeahh...

  88. Matthew

    Matthewחודש לפני

    Did anyone else notice that during the driving portion he was being tailed by a Chrysler 300 the entire time?

  89. Daniel

    Danielחודש לפני

    Probably because the car wasn't registered lol. It was a fresh Japanese import at the time of the video. It was sold on cars and bids unregistered but had all the documentation required for 49 states registration.

  90. Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyenחודש לפני

    17:37, press the "mode" button to switch to manual climate control.

  91. Aleks ƬHeⱲΩLF

    Aleks ƬHeⱲΩLFחודש לפני

    @18:15 how this could be possible that only 180 km/h says on the speedometer???? should be miles right???

  92. SRM USA

    SRM USAחודש לפני

    The new nsx just ruined everything

  93. Osmium192

    Osmium192חודש לפני

    The 90s were truly the pinnacle of the Japanese auto industry. It’s sad to see the cars of Gran Turismo become unobtainable.

  94. Leon Maliniak

    Leon Maliniakחודש לפני

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  95. alex hernandez

    alex hernandezחודש לפני

    Always my go to in need for speed, followed by the Supra, Porsche and rx7. Lambo and Ferrari never cared for.

  96. Drew Humphrey

    Drew Humphreyחודש לפני

    The USDM cars do not have the four little buttons near the shifter and the console is slightly different. (At least the buttons are not present on my 1994 NSX and I have not seen it on another US market car to date)

  97. Drew Humphrey

    Drew Humphreyחודש לפני

    You got one detail wrong. The early NSX had 250 horsepower when Automatic. The manual transmission cars were 270hp in the early NA1 91-97 models 3.0 liters and 290hp in the NA2 98-01 model

  98. Darrell Freeland

    Darrell Freelandחודש לפני

    what did it end up selling for?

  99. non nonon

    non nononחודש לפני


  100. Johnathan Griswold

    Johnathan Griswoldחודש לפני

    Interesting to note. My 89 Celica GT Convertible does the quick pop up and down when flashing the brights to let someone know they are clear to move back into the driving lane.

  101. GVJ Cars

    GVJ Carsחודש לפני

    1:18 can anyone see a red Mazda on the lift?? By the looks of it, seems that it was featured in Fast and Furious 1 and was Vin Diesel's ride..Doug should make more videos from this garage💯

  102. Jacob _N_R_Z

    Jacob _N_R_Zחודש לפני

    The "X" actually means unknown world Because X in math means unknown variable -Donut Media

  103. Humza bhatti

    Humza bhattiחודש לפני

    I wonder why is it shooting up in value although it seems pretty outdated and quite simple 🤔

  104. Jason Cox-Ryan

    Jason Cox-Ryanחודש לפני

    12:08, I'm sorry, did you say 'new' NSX

  105. tinydancer2607

    tinydancer2607חודש לפני

    No reference to Ayrton Senna 👎🏼👎🏼

  106. Alex P

    Alex Pחודש לפני

    That color is absolutely fantastic.