The Buick Reatta Was a 1980s High-Tech Marvel

The Buick Reatta was a marvel of technology, and a tremendously interesting and unusual car. Today I'm reviewing the Buick Reatta, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of this interesting coupe. I'm also going to drive the Reatta and show you what it's like on the road.
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  1. Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro6 חודשים לפני

    Behold - the glorious touchscreen! This is one of my favorite recent videos. Enjoy!

  2. BrAve Dirty HaWk

    BrAve Dirty HaWkחודש לפני

    It would be cool to see Doug do a 95 - 99 Buick Riviera. Buick brought in the 90s in interesting fashion and they left it in interesting fashion .... ironically same-ish 3800 V6 powering both lol. I feel Doug would have fun with the Riviera's quirky stylings.

  3. Luis VelRos

    Luis VelRos3 חודשים לפני

    PatienceMelissa Wow ,

  4. PatienceMelissa

    PatienceMelissa3 חודשים לפני

    It was $27,250 new in 1989.

  5. Tristan Mathesons Inventory

    Tristan Mathesons Inventory3 חודשים לפני

    Rocket Man not really if it was electric yes it would

  6. Master R Milan

    Master R Milan4 חודשים לפני

    Screen steals the show..Engine, not much.

  7. Gerrit Eijkelboom

    Gerrit Eijkelboomיום לפני

    Very slightly reminiscent of the Matra 530 LX

  8. Knurd Entertainment

    Knurd Entertainmentיום לפני

    How did this car fail!? That screen is amazing. I’m surprised half the car wasn’t taken up by a computer. I would have loved this as a kid.

  9. Larry Schwartz

    Larry Schwartz2 ימים לפני

    I disagree on one point. The best part of this car is the 3800 V6. One of GMs best engines. I had one in a 99 Grand Prix and it was very peppy. The engine is basically what was used in the Buick grand national with a turbo

  10. h i

    h i2 ימים לפני

    why does it look like a regal and a miata 😭😭

  11. A. bajaj

    A. bajaj3 ימים לפני

    1980 was FORTY years ago !

  12. AnimexBoy7

    AnimexBoy73 ימים לפני

    Most Cyberpunk 2077 cars must have been inspired on this one.

  13. Eric Rovelo

    Eric Rovelo3 ימים לפני

    No Y2K bug I guess

  14. John Reaume

    John Reaume5 ימים לפני

    I really loved my blue '88 Reatta. I snagged it when the '89's came out and GM offered a $9000 factory rebate to move the previous model year. All three '88 Reattas that the dealer had sold the week the rebate was announced. I drove it on a few long distance trips and it was a comfortably cruiser. The good news - when I sold it to someone that was looking for exactly this car in a blue color, I got top dollar. I drove it it for four years for a loss of only $2K (500/yr!) . Still have some old pictures.

  15. Dayne B

    Dayne B6 ימים לפני

    This looks like a rebadge of the Pontiac Fiero

  16. MephistophelesMXi The explorer

    MephistophelesMXi The explorer7 ימים לפני

    170 HP is not that bad - a Corolla driver.

  17. Lineworkofficial

    Lineworkofficial7 ימים לפני

    1-800-cars and bids

  18. David Raamiah

    David Raamiah7 ימים לפני

    I saw the prototype at a car show. It had a functioning GPS system on the screen and a small computer keyboard the passenger could use to enter information for the GPS. The city view of the GPS was a 3D real time view of the buildings as you approached, sort of a green screen of what is now Google Maps Street View. It was amazingly futuristic and the production version was disappointing, but the touch screen was still very cool.

  19. barry g

    barry g7 ימים לפני

    Best infotainment system ever!

  20. Peter Evans

    Peter Evans8 ימים לפני

    I had an '88 Mazda RX7 that makes everything about this two-seater look stupid. No wonder 84% of the cars sold in the U.S. today come from other countries.

  21. josefbuckland

    josefbuckland8 ימים לפני

    I drive a 2004 car and it does not have 1/10th of the features of that one!

  22. Ángelito

    Ángelito9 ימים לפני

    This car is wild! XD

  23. Super Pinoy 628

    Super Pinoy 62810 ימים לפני

    We Need This Car in Cyberpunk 2077

  24. giantrobotchicken

    giantrobotchicken10 ימים לפני

    They were making the grand national around this time. Were I running Buick I'd have just dropped the power train from the gnx into the reatta.

  25. Lea Webber

    Lea Webber11 ימים לפני

    I love Reatta’s, they have a great look but all this tech came out first in the 1986 Riviera and Toronado. My 87 Rivi was the best car I ever owned.

  26. Joni English

    Joni English12 ימים לפני

    BUICK RIVEIRA !!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lykan Zepheyer Wolf

    Lykan Zepheyer Wolf12 ימים לפני

    Found a Reatta in a junkyard yesterday, took me by surprise. Wouldnt have known what it was if it wasnt for this video, lol

  28. jun homa

    jun homa13 ימים לפני

    The dazzling attack evolutionarily stamp because atm behaviorally open opposite a vengeful hot. sleepy, scrawny poultry

  29. daniel titmus

    daniel titmus14 ימים לפני

    You would've crashed the car messing about with that shitty touch screen. I usually like 80's tech. But this just sucks. Well ahead of it's time tho

  30. Lincoln Paul

    Lincoln Paul14 ימים לפני

    Buick had cornering lights in 1964 , ie Electra by Buick

  31. mr manu

    mr manu14 ימים לפני

    If you look at the windows you see the coming of the Saturn

  32. TriPyramid Pictures

    TriPyramid Pictures14 ימים לפני

    You forgot to mention the little pull-out visor extender.

  33. TriPyramid Pictures

    TriPyramid Pictures14 ימים לפני


  34. Eladar Aumar

    Eladar Aumar14 ימים לפני

    So this is what a Pipboy looks like installed in the center stack of a car.

  35. Adam Ideus

    Adam Ideus15 ימים לפני

    Ford had to use the same company whoever makes those sun visors cuz I got the same ones in my 1988 Crown Vic

  36. Kirk Smith

    Kirk Smith16 ימים לפני

    Ive seen so many of these in the junkyard. LOL

  37. Alohagrit

    Alohagrit16 ימים לפני

    Couldn't forget bc my first boss was a cute as hell Dallas blonde debutante who drove one. Will never forget my first job, or the cute girl I worked for at Preston Center my senior year in h.s.

  38. john davis

    john davis16 ימים לפני

    My father had one of these cars for years. The speedometer screen went out and he drove it for years only looking at the rpms since the screen was so expensive.

  39. MilesPrower1992

    MilesPrower199216 ימים לפני

    I know a guy with a no-screen Reatta

  40. Zee Zaa

    Zee Zaa17 ימים לפני

    Thought these were cute back then...

  41. Angie2343

    Angie234319 ימים לפני

    Bring this beauty back!

  42. Kalle Bengtzon

    Kalle Bengtzon19 ימים לפני

    All cars should have that screen by law! It is the coolest screen i have ever seen.

  43. Noble Lundberg

    Noble Lundberg20 ימים לפני

    I actually quite like this interior, simple. Not gaudy dare I say like Tomorrowland

  44. Theodric

    Theodric21 יום לפני

    I still remember seeing one of these drive past my house in the 90s, a red convertible, and was hooked. First American car that really wowed me. It's still awesome and I still love the look. Can't agree with you on that point, Doug.

  45. VinylToVideo

    VinylToVideo23 ימים לפני

    "Twilight Sentinel" is NOT automatic headlights! What it does is leaves the lights on for a time after you turned the car off to light up say your walkway as you entered the house. Also Doug is slightly off base when it comes to the motor. I would buy certain cars for it having that motor alone! Not only was the Reatta one of the first cars the new 3800 pre-series I motors were used in; they are about as reliable as one could hope for. They can make a much larger car move so in that little Reatta it would be a terrific motor; a torque monster red light warrior.

  46. LightWing Studios

    LightWing Studios24 ימים לפני

    Anyone notice they MISSPELLED "Gages"? :)



    That one should have been the caddy.

  48. тарампарампам

    тарампарампам26 ימים לפני

    Excellent touch screen, wish American cars would go in the direction of reliability and repairability instead of cheap marketing gimmicks. Never too late GM ;)

  49. Outta Bubblegum

    Outta Bubblegumחודש לפני

    Interesting... such an advanced touchscreen, but couldn't look more 80's...

  50. United we stand divided we fall

    United we stand divided we fallחודש לפני

    GM needs to offer a few more sedans with rear or all wheel drive. The latest impala or lacrosse would be dope if it offered it with a different drivetrain

  51. Timothy Samuel

    Timothy Samuelחודש לפני

    Totally amazing Doug is a genius

  52. AKplayz

    AKplayzחודש לפני

    Back to the future would like to know your location.

  53. Bradley Howe

    Bradley Howeחודש לפני

    When evaluating they styling Doug says it’s outdated. Of course it is, it’s 30 years old! Park a 59 Buick next to it and see what a 30 year old car would have Looked like when the Reatta was new and I think you can draw the conclusion that the Reatta looks closer to 2020 styling than 1959 styling, meaning it actually has aged rather well.

  54. AKplayz

    AKplayzחודש לפני

    Agreed! I think he reviews all the cars at one standard so like he ranks it compared to the standard of a modern day car which personally I think is unfair

  55. Bradley Howe

    Bradley Howeחודש לפני

    The engine may have been boring, but those 3800 engines are excellent. Durable, efficient, and reliable.

  56. Peter Martin

    Peter Martinחודש לפני

    Do you own any long trousers?

  57. Mark

    Markחודש לפני

    convertible looks much better proportionally IMO

  58. SuperVro

    SuperVroחודש לפני

    Damn, this car really was ahead of it’s time with its technology

  59. Ed Brown

    Ed Brownחודש לפני

    Wish you could have used a CLEAN Reatta!!

  60. A01 User

    A01 Userחודש לפני

    It didn't see cuz it's garbage

  61. Makke

    Makkeחודש לפני

    These are the videos I look forward to, forget your standard exotics, gimme some weird 80s 90s 00s cars

  62. TheLundExpress

    TheLundExpressחודש לפני

    I've driven one before, would love to own one.

  63. ozelot250

    ozelot250חודש לפני

    Where do you get parts for this? Especially the electronic dash display

  64. Morgan W

    Morgan Wחודש לפני

    Wow. There wasn't a touch screen on the most expensive Mercedes for at least another 10 years!

  65. Elias Shedd

    Elias Sheddחודש לפני

    Still waiting on you to apologize for your BS Hummer review. Did you get paid off? You said at more than $100,000 the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said at 350 mile range, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said with an unknown tow rating, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat? You said with no charging network, the Hummer is the electric truck to beat. Thiiiiis is now a BS channel.

  66. Todd Bruce

    Todd Bruceחודש לפני

    I feel like an old man telling a story, *yikes* but at some point in 1987 a friend and I were driving down Rochester Road in Rochester, MI and saw this car driving the opposite direction. I thought *WTF* was that a BMW Z1?!, whipped a u-turn, followed it until it, the driver- a GM engineer, and his wife came to a stop. I mentioned to the engineer what I thought and he said "yeah , we have a Z1 on the floor in parts trying to dial this in, but uhm, that's probably not going to happen." Needless to say, that was quite a benchmark to set for any 80's Buick. However, they did end up building some particularly rich looking roadsters for a few years. I still remember the gold tinted windows, the rich red paint, and luxuriously soft palomino colored leather of the later year convertibles. It was no Z1 BMW, but it was a pretty car to see on the road.

  67. RJ Mac

    RJ Macחודש לפני

    Meh. The mid 1960s Riviera. Now that was a beauty.

  68. CJ

    CJחודש לפני

    Unless you want a speeding ticket the speed shouldn't matter.

  69. CJ

    CJחודש לפני

    It should have been a success It not being a success was terrible It was a beautiful car

  70. CJ

    CJחודש לפני


  71. Miricious Vespyre

    Miricious Vespyreחודש לפני

    I'm buying one of these that's a 89 with a still functional ECC, it's red with tan interior and 119k on it! $1200 lol

  72. Andrew Link

    Andrew Linkחודש לפני

    Ppl who had this car were prepared for Y2K

  73. dcanmore

    dcanmoreחודש לפני

    Fun Fact: Under GM contracts the Buick Reatta prototypes (31 built 1986) were engineered in England by Hawtal-Whiting; body panels by Abbey Panels; constructed by Aston Martin and tested at Vauxhall's Millbrook track facility. When the prototypes went to the US for further ride and handling development, an internal struggle began at Buick whether they should continue with the graphic display system because of cost. Eventually of course it went ahead but added to the expensive ticket price of the car at launch which was $25,000 1988 ($55,000 today).

  74. Matthew Phillip Prater

    Matthew Phillip Praterחודש לפני

    That touchscreen has better response than my 2013 GMC Terrain

  75. Poly_G

    Poly_Gחודש לפני


  76. Stan Smith

    Stan Smithחודש לפני

    1990 Oldsmobile Trofeo had the same screen. I had to replace it. Not cheap!! BTW here in Michigan you can find Reattas a plenty.

  77. Gianni DAVIGNON

    Gianni DAVIGNONחודש לפני

    80s mafia hitman car of choice

  78. Steve

    Steveחודש לפני

    No way the touchscreens on late model cars will be working over 30 years from now.

  79. Ted Malley

    Ted Malleyחודש לפני

    Had a ride in one back in the day..quite nice..very sporty.

  80. Gahlok12

    Gahlok12חודש לפני

    I would to see new production touchscreens for these cars.

  81. Mike Harris

    Mike Harrisחודש לפני

    My problem is you are ranking it compared to today's market. You need to be retrospective - I think that touch screen is amazing for 1988 standards. We need some simple designs to come back.

  82. Randy Crossland Jr

    Randy Crossland Jrחודש לפני

    I love this car and seen one identically to this same one in this video...beautiful car

  83. Andre juneau

    Andre juneauחודש לפני

    Cornering lights, just like a 1990 Lexus LS 400

  84. Ducaudi

    Ducaudiחודש לפני

    Doug needs to do a review of a Chevy Beretta!

  85. FaZeCartman 1

    FaZeCartman 1חודש לפני

    Theres a dude in our town who has two of these.

  86. W4NN4 CRY

    W4NN4 CRYחודש לפני

    Car gives me alien vibes

  87. yung$amurai

    yung$amuraiחודש לפני

    These are my favourite kinds of Doug videos, far more quirky and interesting than most new cars.

  88. JaDeD dRaGoN

    JaDeD dRaGoNחודש לפני

    I literally just seen one of these at a Home Depot and stopped and stared at it for awhile

  89. Igna Originals

    Igna Originalsחודש לפני

    No freaking way that car is frm 1980’s.

  90. Jonathan Cameron

    Jonathan Cameronחודש לפני

    I'll never forget getting an hj in one of these in high-school. I remember scrolling through this screen when she went in for the bj. Cool car. I never talked to her again

  91. Aynsley Sowder

    Aynsley Sowderחודש לפני

    this is my daily driver!! :) love it so so much

  92. Kyle Graeme

    Kyle Graemeחודש לפני

    Rio gave his hoe this car in good girls of anyone cares lol i cant beleive I spotted it it was one of the drug cars rio sent to beths dealership it was green!!

  93. Mark R

    Mark Rחודש לפני

    3:03 location 😇

  94. PunkyB 88

    PunkyB 88חודש לפני

    19:28 That panel gap 😂

  95. Herbert Sexton

    Herbert Sexton2 חודשים לפני

    My aunt had a convertible it would fly

  96. WigWoo1

    WigWoo12 חודשים לפני

    As a Reatta owner. That horn is failing. The Reatta horn has 3 tones and it sounds like the middle pitch one is out

  97. Peter Evans

    Peter Evans4 ימים לפני

    @Christopher Buda You could not be more wrong. I had three RX7's. Bought all of them with over 70k miles on the odometer, sold all of them for more than I paid after driving each of them for 4 years reading more than 140k miles. Never left me on the side of the road, not ONCE, never failed to start, never did any work to them except change the oil and very rarely a filter, belt, tires and brakes, the things that every car uses during 70k miles of use. Never changed antifreeze, hoses, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid. So no, you have no idea what you are talking about. What a dullard you look like now.

  98. Christopher Buda

    Christopher Buda5 ימים לפני

    @Peter Evans how could you choose a car with a poorly designed rotary engine over the amazing GM 3800, more reattas exist than RX7s for a reason...none of them ran for that long. I would have thought that you were somewhat smart if you said that you had anything else, the miata started out as a reatta wannabe. For Pete's sake the Mazda company could not even hide it...miata...reatta...coincidence I think not. Sorry for your lack of automotive knowledge. The RX7 was a money pit.

  99. Peter Evans

    Peter Evans8 ימים לפני

    @Christopher Buda I had an '88 Mazda RX7 that makes everything about this two-seater look stupid. No wonder 84% of the cars sold in the U.S. today come from other countries.

  100. heledraku

    heledraku10 ימים לפני

    Car is fugly as hell

  101. Christopher Buda

    Christopher Buda17 ימים לפני

    I too am a reatta owner, I have a 1989 in red, I really think that Doug score is so unfair to a unique hand crafted piece of automotive artwork, but he really needs to hone his scoring skills for all cars.

  102. Rafael Dourado Morbeck

    Rafael Dourado Morbeck2 חודשים לפני


  103. Mark Arunski

    Mark Arunski2 חודשים לפני

    What car back in the 80s actually talked? Rode in one before, but can't remember what it was.

  104. Moto Mike

    Moto Mike2 חודשים לפני

    I recall many reviews of this car at the time lamented not having the ability to change settings without taking your eyes off the road. Good thing touch screens wouldn't eventually become commonplace.

  105. Kawasaki FAST

    Kawasaki FAST2 חודשים לפני

    Love watching cars like these. Keep it up! New exotics are interesting in tech, but these kind are just unique and have a bit more character

  106. wev71

    wev712 חודשים לפני

    I would've been totally fine if car entertainment systems stopped here.

  107. Cristian Sneckenburg

    Cristian Sneckenburg2 חודשים לפני

    The turn signal ding sounds like the newer chime in gm cars

  108. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson2 חודשים לפני

    Nice car, stood out too. Older people usually drove it, mostly women! 🌟

  109. Illiniguy34

    Illiniguy342 חודשים לפני

    “The Twilight Sentinel, where you can set it to either Team Edward or Team Jacob” -Tyler Hoover

  110. lilGoon69

    lilGoon692 חודשים לפני

    may or may not be getting one as a project car ✋😋🤚

  111. rascal

    rascal2 חודשים לפני

    The screen is same on my 1989 Riviera I once owned. My screen died later. Hence NO MORE CONTROLS